We produce new pallets in both standard sizes and according to the customer’s wishes. In production, we use different types of wood, depending on the requirements for quality and class of finished products.


  • We have a total of 4800m2 production space at our disposal (900m2 in Tartu (Ringtee), 1800m2 in Vahi, 2100m2 in Tallinn).
  • We employ more than 30 production workers who make every effort to ensure high production speed and consistently high product quality.

Please provide the following information to receive a quote:

  • size of the pallet,
  • load capacity of the pallet,
  • parameters of the material (thickness, width, length of the heel),
  • the need for heat treatment of the pallet (the requirement is applicable in case of shipment outside the European Union),
  • required number of pallets,
  • organization of delivery (self-pickup or delivery arrangement by the seller).

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